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I See Myself Differently Now

I was 54 years old when I had these photos taken and I’ve lived life, let me tell you!  When I say that, I think of the meme that says at the end of your life you should be sliding into heaven sideways with a drink in your hand and out of breath. 

Yeah.  I don’t live like that.  I work too much, I don’t clean my house every day, I do laundry one outfit at a time, and I don’t see my friends and family as much as I would like. 

But after yesterday I have decided that things are going to be different.

Yesterday I viewed images of me that made me feel a completely different way about myself! 

I’m going to share the gallery with anyone who would like to see them, because I think every woman deserves to have one of these sessions.  Seeing myself looking beautiful in a way I never have before was incredible

I wasn’t prepared for how emotional I would be about it.  I intended to give these images to my husband and that would be the end of it, but it turned out to be so much more than that.

I live my life for other people. I’m a giving person and put everyone else first, and I’m so happy to do that. 

As a wife and mom I have spent 35 years planning and attending events, running errands, managing the house, everything that we all do to support and love our family. It fills my soul to do that, but sometimes I wonder about Sherri and who she really is after all these years.

My boudoir session gave me a peek of her. I’m not young anymore with a perfect body. Actually I don’t think I ever had a perfect body. I probably did, but like most women, I’ve always wished for what I didn’t have. I still want to lose weight – I’ve been talking about that since high school!  I have stretch marks, and I have short legs. But I went shopping and bought pretty things to wear, a long tank top, heels, wraps to cover what I didn’t want to show and I feel like the result is breathtaking.

I can’t say enough good things about professional hair and makeup! OMG the lashes are to die for and the entire face is more than I normally wear, but it looks beautiful on camera. Big hair is my thing and she made it happen. With that and a lot of sparkle and glitter from my gypsy jewelry I was ready to go.

Our Clients Inspired Me

I was really, really nervous so I belted back a couple of mimosas to help. I wondered how I would ever be able to look sultry and sexy in front of my daughter lol. I worried for nothing because Amanda put me completely at ease. I think every woman has gone through these feelings, the extreme nervous and sick feeling and then the realization that it’s not at all what you expected. It’s amazing to see the transformation!  Women go from hesitantly walking across the hall covered up in a robe, to giggling and excitedly talking about the next outfit while running back and forth without the robe. 

It’s hilarious and wonderful, and it reminds me of being in a college dorm or sorority house.  How special to be able to give that to them. My friend Debbie (I hope she’s reading this xoxo) changed my life and I don’t think she knows it. Before her session I talked to her and asked if she was excited. She said she didn’t know what we would do with her but she was doing it because she wanted to help me. I assured her it would be fun and she would look amazing. I didn’t see her again because she went to have hair and makeup done and then the session. After she had gone home, I asked Amanda how it went and she told Amanda during her session that she could feel a change in the way she sees herself. I cried. We both did.  We weren’t prepared for that. I think of it often and feel humble and grateful that we were able to give that to her. Debbie is right. I see myself differently now too and I hope every woman does.

That’s what this is about. You’ll undoubtedly have gorgeous images of yourself. Amanda is an amazingly talented photographer and knows how to pose women in a flattering way. She will show off what you love and hide what you don’t. Our stylist can help you choose what to bring if you’re not sure. Everything is completely private. You’ll be photographed and view your images behind closed doors. Your images and order are handled privately. 

I’ll tell you this. You need to do it. Don’t wait to lose weight or for a tan – hey I know a spray tan lady and I’ll tag her in the post! The time is now. I have waited my entire life to lose 10 pounds or have better hair or this or that. Life is always changing and you’ll never be perfect in your own eyes, that’s just the way we are. But you know what?  o the ones you love, you ARE perfect. You’re beautiful, we see it in you and now it’s time for you to see it in yourself! 

You can email me if you have questions or call or text 614.866.1777 to schedule.

Sherri Davis
President & Owner of Kent Smith Photography

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