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This is my story about Kent Smith’s Noir Session…or what I think should be  renamed “The Noir Ultimate Experience!”  

Before I tell you about my session experience, please allow me tell you a little  about myself. I am a 48 year old wife and mother of two. Despite the  “appearance” of confidence on the outside, I have ALWAYS struggled with self  confidence and self esteem issues. I think part of it came from growing up mixed  raced and being adopted. I unfortunately never really felt like I belonged  anywhere. I was bullied by some for being “light skinned” with “good hair”, and I  was criticized by others for not looking “white enough”. Although I was raised by  two amazing adoptive parents and a very loving family, I never felt like I fit in or  was good enough. The image that I’d see in the mirror was NEVER the image  my family and friends claimed to see. 

This feeling has stayed with me from adolescence to adulthood. I have 2  children (a daughter and a son) who I have always been told they look just like  me. It’s funny, because honestly even when I look at them I don’t see it. I mean,  how could they possibly look like me? My daughter is absolutely beautiful and  my son is a very handsome young man, so there’s NO WAY they look like me.  However, as I’ve always learned to do over the years, I just smile graciously and  say thank you. It has never mattered who has told me or how many times, I have  NEVER felt beautiful. Well that was until a couple of weeks ago when I had my  Noir experience!!!  

The session itself is something that I wish EVERY woman could experience at  least once! From the professional hair and makeup, to the time spent with the  photographers, it was absolutely life changing!! Every step of your appointment  is all about YOU and everyone makes sure you feel amazing every step of the  way! I can honestly tell you that after my session and even before I’d seen my  images, I finally felt “pretty”. Well once I finally saw the images from my session,  for the first time in my life I felt BEAUTIFUL!!! I was finally able to look at those  images and say, “Wow, I am beautiful!”. I’ve had many experiences with  professional photographers over the years for various reasons, and although  their work was very highly quality and the images have always received  numerous compliments, I have never seen anything that encompasses beauty or  has made me feel the way my Noir images do!

If you are hesitant for any reason or wondering if this type of session is for you, I promise you the answer is YES! Please do this for yourself, you will not regret it at all! If you also struggle with self confidence or self esteem issues, I guarantee you that you will also finally be able to look at images of yourself and think “Wow, I am absolutely beautiful!!”. Please don’t wait until you “lose a little more weight”, 

“find the perfect outfit”, or whatever excuse you may be using…do it now! Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us, so please make an appointment for your Noir Ultimate Experience TODAY!!

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